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HK mapGuangzhou map and the Guangzhou wholesale markets

GuangZhou to Macau Trains

Guangzhou  map

Train from GuangZhou to Macau see also GuangZhou Trains, and GuangZhou South Railway Stations... [see GuangZhou Map reference]

Below are the Departures & Arrivals for...
GuangZhou to Macau <=> Macau to GuangZhou

GuangZhou to Macau New Bullet Trains arrive at the Zhuhai North Station and depart from GuangZhou Nan (South) Station, see also Hong Kong to GuangZhou. For more GuangZhou to Macau with a stop-over in ShenZhen see GuangZhou to ShenZhen <=> ShenZhen to GuangZhou Bullet/Fast Trains. Looking for more on what to Do, See, where to Eat and Shop in Hong Kong see this HK Map with Travel and Shopping Guide/Phrase Book... which makes finding your way around Hong Kong as easy as catching a train...

GuangZhou to Macau Notes. When there is A or B behind the number this means the train runs every other day and the first character of train number means...
|| K = Fast Express || T = Extra Fast Express || D = MU (Multiple Units) || N = Intra-Bureau Express ||
|| L = Temporary Slow Train || Z = Overnight Express || C = Beijing-Tianjin High Speed EMU ||
|| Z = Overnight Express || G = High Speed EMU ||
Be advised that all train information is provided for reference only, for updates, delays and changes please check with local stations. Prices correct at time of publishing and subjest to change without notice.

Arriving at ZhuHai North Station 珠海北站 look for "Private" shuttle buses going to GongBei 拱北口岸 (beneath Macau ZhuHai border crossing) underground bus station or catch local Bus No.3A to JiuZhou 九州城 Ferry Port Station transfer to public Bus 2 to GongBei/Macau border crossing. Taxis from ZhuHai North station to GongBei cost about 70 yuan one way.

The Macau to Guangzhou trains depart from Guangzhou Nan (South) Station and the best way to get there is to transfer from the GuangZhou Metro Line 2.

GuangZhou to Macau...

GuangZhou Nan (South) to Zhuhai North, bus transfer to GongBei (Macau)
Train No. From To Dep. Arr. km ¥
D7601 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 06:30 07:18 93 38/47
D7603 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 07:00 07:53 93 38/47
D7605 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 07:35 08:33 93 38/47
D7609 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 08:30 09:33 93 38/47
D7611 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 09:03 10:06 93 38/47
D7613 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 09:40 10:38 93 38/47
D7615 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 10:13 11:16 93 38/47
D7619 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 11:12 12:15 93 38/47
D7621 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 11:40 12:43 93 38/47
D7623 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 12:15 13:18 93 38/47
D7625 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 12:50 13:53 93 38/47
D7629 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 13:55 14:53 93 38/47
D7631 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 14:28 15:26 93 38/47
D7633 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 15:00 16:03 93 38/47
D7635 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 15:30 16:28 93 38/47
D7639 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 16:45 17:38 93 38/47
D7641 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 17:12 18:10 93 38/47
D7643 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 17:40 18:43 93 38/47
D7645 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 18:13 19:26 93 38/47
D7649 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 19:25 20:23 93 38/47
D7651 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 19:55 20:58 93 38/47
D7653 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 20:35 21:38 93 38/47
D7657 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 21:20 22:23 93 38/47
D7659 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 22:00 23:08 93 38/47
D7661 Guangzhou South Zhuhai North 22:50 23:53 93 38/47

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On Kunming Trains thanks to this Yunnan Map that goes all the way to GuiYang, new GuangZhou map you'll never get lost when doing KunMing to Hong Kong then follow this route, from KunMing to GuangZhou, then GuangZhou to ShenZhen and finally ShenZhen to Hong Kong. And not to forget about GuiLin trains by plotting yourself through GuangXi all the way to NanNing with this NanNing Map and GuangXi Tour Map; You don't want to arrive cold in ShangHai so do yourself a favor and het the latest 2nd Edition Shanghai Map see Shanghai Trains; XiAn Trains travelers see this combination XiAn Map, ShaanXi Map with phrasebook too

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